weekly learning

Posted by ilake on February 25, 2017

“strive 2/18 ~ 2/25”


  • [gem] expeditor

    • Expeditor is a Ruby library that provides asynchronous execution and fault tolerance for microservices.




  • [learn] 10 steps to learn anything quickly

      1. get the big picture
        • high level topic you want to learn
        • break high level topic up into smaller subtopics
      1. determine the scope
        • what subtopic do you want to learn
        • what do you plan on doing with the knowledge you will get from learning about the topic
        • what time frame do you expect to learn
      1. define success
        • what specific actions could I do when I got the knowledge
        • which specific action are the most valuable for me
        • make success criteria measurable
      1. find resources
        • start with books, list the best 5 books on your topic and list them
        • list all the other resources you can think of (blog, internet articles)
      1. create a learning plan
        • list best 5 resource and list the chapters of them
        • which repeated the most
      1. filter resources
        • what criteria do you think is the most important for judging the resources you will use for learning
      1. learn enough to get started
        • waht is the gereral idea of this module in your learning plan
      1. play around
        • what can you do to ‘play around’ with the subject you are learning about
      1. learn enough to do something useful
        • what are the most important questions you hope to find answers to during this step
        • what questions are still unanswered after completing this step
        • what do you think would be an effective way to teach what you have larned in this step
        • what is the most important thing you have larned in this step
      1. teach
        • what do you think would be the best way to present the material you have larned