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Posted by ilake on September 3, 2016

“strive 8/27 ~ 9/3”




  • [ruby] object on rails

    • Exhibit Object Characteristics
      1. Wraps a single model instance.
      2. Is a true Decorator
      3. Brings together a model and a context
      4. Encapsulates decisions about how to render an object.
      5. May modify the behavior of an object.
    • Helper
      1. They are a good place to put general rendering methods which aren’t tied to any particular model. For instance, we could write a helper for displaying HTML5-style


  • Project manage
    • 完整計畫,要包含開發環境的資訊。 要先確認每個人都是在同樣的基準點,沒有認知上的誤差。
    • 工作目標, 工作項目, 時間預估
  • Coding structure
    • 所有的 service 都是透過 return false 和 .errors.full_messages 來處理錯誤, controller 都會用這樣的邏輯來處理